Antec 900 or antec 650


Apr 30, 2012
I just built a new rig and was wondering if I should lower my power supply and save some money.

MSI Z77A G45 motherboard
i5 2500k with hyper 212 + (2 fans push/pull)
Corsair vengeance 8GB
EVGA GTX 680 (returning for a Gigabyte GTX 670)
WD Black Caviar 1TB
ASUS DVD drive
8 NZXT case fans (4 120 mm/4 140 mm)

I currently have an Antec High Current Gamer 900 watt ($129.99) but was thinking of returning it for an Antec Earth Watts 650 ($69.99). I don't plan on SLi but I plan to overclock my i5 and 670. Thanks in advance. I'm just trying to save some money. :)