Antec Cases are rubbish


Nov 16, 2010
Guys I would just like to warn anyone out there planning on building a new system, to stay away from Antec cases. Why they are a reputable company, I really don't know. Going from a CoolerMaster CM690II Advanced to an Antec 1200 was such a nightmare. The Coolermaster feels sturdy and well-built, and so far the CM690II A has been the best case I've ever owned. When the Antec case arrived, I was extremely disappointed. I've built a lot of systems in my day and worked with a lot of different components. The Antec case had a cr*p paint job (bubbles underneath the paint) and the bag of screws supplied felt cheap and nasty. The bay where the PSU is fitted is also terrible and some of the holes in the case don't even line up with my HX1050 which is also a high end PSU. It says on the box it supports SSD's but that was a nightmare too. When you fork out £150 you kind of expect high end equipment. In the end I sent the case back and ordered a Corsair Obsidian 800D for an extra £70. Also, don't try and use any Corsair watercooling kits (I have the H100) with anything other than a Corsair case. I hope this is helpful for anyone considering an Antec case! Never again!
I would take a cooler master over an antec or corsair. Unless you plan on using water cooling, the corsairs are over priced hot boxes imo. cooler master HAF series...for a gaming build, they rock. Great cooling, wide, and plenty of room and air flow.
One can always get a bad sample, but based on that, it is not reasonable make such a broad brush statement.

If you look at the Antec SOLO, for example, it has been one of the most popular and highly rated case on the egg.

From personal experience, I can tell you that they will bend over backwards with customer support. On more than one occasion, they sent me replacement parts that were damaged by my own ineptitude.


Nov 16, 2010
I was disappointed with the general build quality of the Antec. Small touches like black screws that Coolermaster and Corsair just always get right, Antec doesn't. The Coolermaster cases all have removable dust filters, the CM690II Advanced never got dusty.
I have built into both an Antec 902 and a CM 690II Lite and i think the Coolermaster is possibly better value in terms of versatility and ease of use but the Antec has awesome build quality and cooling.


Antec used to be good back in the old days. I still remember them full tower cases they have and Alienware will use those on their
premium setups. My favorite case from Antec have always been the Sonata with its sound dampening side panels and black piano finish. Over the years that cases have change a lot, but the original was the best among all the newer revisions. Once I was building with a Sonata Elite and the railing holes were way off. When optical drive was installed it was protruding out a inch making the face
impossible to close. Had to drill some holes into the rails for it to fit properly. Not good if you pay over $100 for that type of QC.
The other good case from Antec is the P series like P180, it's extremely quiet and it's included 3 speed case fan are a plus.
There is even a P180 mini for those going the mATX route.
Now Antec cases are garbage, there is no style, functionality have been reduced bit and right now they mostly focus on the exterior.
Make case look like Optimus Prime, add lots of LED fans, slap a heavy price then justified with "Gaming Case" and watch suckers buy it.

For those looking for a sleek case without the added garbage check out
Fractal Design
Cooler Master Cosmos
Lian Li

Well i bought the Antec Nine Hundred Two based on good reviews, not bright lights and it hasn't disappointed. It is a bit of a pain to build into but the cooling and build quality are great. I also like the fan controller and dust filters as standard, all of that plus the fact it is well priced.
I standardized on Antec 900's back when it was pretty much the only gaming case. Nearly all of the non-Antec cases mentioned above did not exist when I chose the 900.

Only one of my three desktops is a gaming system, but all three systems are highly overclocked.

High's - cooling and I like the steel case, heavy though it is.

Low's - truly abysmal cable management and it is definitely not a tool less case. (But I do have plenty of screwdrivers. :)

But that is what most of the Antec case mods are for.

If I were to standardize on a case now, I am not sure what I would pick.