Question Antec CP-1000 +12V1/HDD Proper cable?

Dec 28, 2019
I have an Antec CP-1000 PSU. I'd like to add more internal hard drives but am out of connections from the hardwired cables. There are 3 empty black 6-pin jacks labeled "+12V1/HDD." Can this be used for hard drives? If so what's the right cable to do this?

I know using the wrong cable on a 6-pin can fry things and I don't want to do that, but can't seem to find something that I know is correct. Can anyone link me to something what will be right?

Thanks so much for any help. Googling has not been helpful... I've tried.

This is my PSU:

This video as some close-ups of the jacks in question: (including the thumbnail)

Manual here:

I've found a number of cables on amazon that look like they should work, but some warn that if you plug them into the wrong model you'll fry something so I want to be sure.

Thanks for any insight!
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