Antec Displays Gamer PSUs and New Cases

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Strange to see them using a top-mounted PSU design on the Solo II? Last time I heard, heat rises. Why not let a fan help the heat leave with the path of least resistance through the top like just about every other darn case in this day and age. It seems like a company that has been doing this as long as Antec would have a handle on this.

What I do like is the cutout in the tray behind the CPU allowing for easy swap out of heat sinks with backplates. I also like that there are no drive bays blocking longer video cards at the bottom front of the case. Most people I know, don't use more than 3 or 4 HDDs/SDDs in their cases. Also, does anyone use more than one or two multi optical or blu-ray drives these days in their gaming or home builds? I think most cases, from a home use standpoint, have too many drive bays which restrict airflow from the intake fans. The Coolermaster HAF series cases allow you to remove these air-blocking bays.

What kind of innovation is Antec showing us with these cases? None.

For full tower cases, though I don't like the fact there's no cutout in the tray behind the CPU in the Spedo, I'd like to see more companies doing what is done in the Thermaltake Spedo case by which two exhaust fans are at the rear of the case at the top in addition to allowing one big or two small top exhaust fans. Case manufacturers should focus more on airflow and the physics of it all.


Apr 1, 2009
They look like ass.

When are case makers going to figure out that people do care about how the case looks, and they don't want it ugly?


Jun 17, 2009
As happy as I was to hearing about the successor to the P180 Series, I don't like the new designs. I prefer the looks of the old ones, and the dual chamber design.
Still Lovin' my mini P180, sexy as beast and looks like military grade stuff! This new stuff here, looks a bit softer... disappointing.
Knowing some of Antec's other cases, these will no doubt be solid and well-made, whatever people may think of the designs.
The PSUs look very good too, but a little too expensive.


I've had a lot of Antec cases, and the P180 was a favorite of mine, even if it was a little cramped. This P280 looks very nice and roomy. It looks like it might even be better than my HAF 932 that is currently my main case. (Yes, that's a Cooler Master case, not an Antec. I know that. I bought it because nothing Antec had would compare.) I might actually get one of those, maybe. The HAF 932 I have is nearly new, so I don't think that will need replacing for a little while longer.


Dec 1, 2007
I refuse to buy another Antec case. Their customer support is great, but the products are still flimsy. I bought a P180 a few years ago and had to replace both doors twice due to warping, and the front door 3 times because the slightest bump on the hinge causes it to shatter. Not to mention it was a pain to build in and there wasn't any space for cable management what-so-ever. Worst... case... ever.

Now I'm rockin' a Lian-Li case. It's still not ideal, but it's leaps and bounds better than the P180.

On another note, people need to stop negatively voting on comments because their opinion is different from your own. There were two legitimate comments on here that were hidden because they just weren't impressed. I, for one, am not impressed either. The PSUs are only bronze rated and stop at 750watts. Not enough for a solid high-end computer these days. The cases are just P180 variants with mild improvements... nothing ground breaking.

A good case needs to be easy to build, spacious enough for long video cards, have a good cable management system, have positive air pressure w/ decent fans and filters, keep noise to a minimum, and MUST BE MADE OF SOLID MATERIALS ESPECIALLY IN FREQUENTLY STRESSED AREAS (no plastic joints, no warping materials, no weak glue, no flimsy buttons or switches, etc).

All three models of the High Current Gamer Plus Series, mentioned in the article, are made by Seasonic and are semi-modular.


Jul 10, 2008
It's thanks to "Silent PC Review" that the p180 became so important for the silent crowd. But if the p280 was a single design and development in house by ANTEC without the guys who helped design the p180 (thanks to which the p180 was a success story) behind it's development.

Then ANTEC just lost a potential client.


May 28, 2009

Just like how my Antec TruePowerNew 750W is made by Seasonic, but rebranded into Antec.

A lot of Seasonic-made PSUs are rebranded into XFX and Corsair as well, though if you just want the Seasonic branding on it, that's really your call.


Jun 6, 2011
I'd love the p280 case to run a few quad drive RAIDs in those drive bays look so nice. The only thing i'd love and i know it'd cost a pretty penny, is to have a case with eight or so 3.5inch drive bays, but also to have backplanes so you push it in, snap, lock the switch and you're ready to go and then all the backplane cables come out of one nice bunched cable all wrapped up with three or four inches for each one to seperate at the end so that cable management is nice. But the p280 has some really nice fans up top too, i may end up getting it if i move to an AVID media composer based editing station since i don't like the new Final Cut and that's the only thing keeping me on the mac.
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