Antec Fusion 380W Graphics Card Upgrade



I have a media centre PC running onboard graphics (F-I90HD), single 500GB HD and 1 x Nova-T 500 tuner card and an E6320 cpu. I want to make it a little more game friendly and so was wanting to boost the graphics and processor.

- Can I squeeze an ATI HD4870 in there?
- Will the standard PSU take it?
- Is the std PSU bespoke or off the shelf replacements readily available?
- I also want to beef up the CPU to a Q6600; any issues with that?

A 4870 and a Quad would put a pretty heavy load on the SU380, not to mention the amount of heat it would add to the case.
An E8400 and 9800 GT would make the system more game friendly, have no problem on the 380 and be much cooler running.