Question Antec Neo H550 compatible modular cables? HELP.


Jul 10, 2018
(I have posted this in another forum, but figured that I would have a better chance of an answer if I came here as well so bear with my repetition)

I purchased a couple of Antec h550 PSU's for a couple builds I was throwing together for my friend and my dad(he got me into PC gaming in the mid 2000's and currently doesnt have a suitable rig so wanted to do something for him). Stupid me (being a total rookie) mistook the 8 pin ATX cable as a 6+2 for some reason. There were no modular cables included. I have read on a different forum that Antec True Power modular cables will fit the Neo H550. I am assuming I would need the original 2x6 pin set or maybe a single 6+2? ANY help is appreciated or information on where I may be able to get some OEMs!

(And for noting purposes on the GPUs I am using I need a single 8 pin for one card and a single 6 pin on the other (both RX480s one reference, one AIB). Im figuring I can either use the OEM 2x6 pin to single 8 pin adapter for the one, or hopefully a single 6+2 cable will work (which I have my doubts if they come from the factory with a 2x6 configuration.)