Antec PSU ticking


Feb 5, 2012
I have a Antec High Current Gamer Series HCG-620 620W psu that after 5 months it started ticking. PSU isn't ticking consistantly and it appears to be at random. I've removed the PSU from the case and blow it clean with canned air, inspected the fan and wiring and didn't see any place where it hits. Replaced the psu back in the case and the issue remains.

I can live with the ticking, but I don't want to harm the rest of my system.

Is this a sign of the PSU frying out? Should i get it replaced asap?

Thanks in advance


Quite a lot of the schools psu's click because they just do, they've been fine for 6 years but still i would recomend RMA ing it (get a replacement) if its free, get replacement, if not, well its your choice, if you could live with the clicking but also the increased risk of failure, i would recomend either repairing or replacing any psu with any sign of damage as they can often take the mobo out at the sane time when they die :/