Antec Reveals Two New PSU Lines, The HCG Pro Gold And Bronze

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Haven't spent much time w/ Antec last few years with only 1 Antec PSU still "in the building" so to speak. That CP-850 I still consider to be the best PSU we've ever used on a price / performance / noise basis. Of course prices back then were a bit different than they are now. They are a great company to deal with ...

a) Did 3 builds over the course of two weeks in Antec Cases ... soon after USB 3 dropped and noticing that the case model was currently selling with the USB 3.0 case front modules, inquired is I could but them.

b) In 2 intances, fan failures resulted in them sending 2 replacements for the faile fan

c) In another fan was just noisy, again sent 2 replacements.

All came at no charge for the products or shipping.


Sep 14, 2015
I figured Antec was going out of business. They never answer their phone when you call them or return your call when you leave a message. I've had a PS on RMA with them for over 6 months with practically no response from them. If you go to their forums other people are experiencing the same issues of not being able to contact them.
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