Antec SLK 2650-BQE boot problem (shorting?)


Oct 14, 2002
Hi, I’ve got a strange boot problem. My system basically powers on by its self as soon as the PSU gets power, and it won't activate the monitor after the first boot, I need to drain the power from the motherboard everytime I need it to activate the monitor. I can still turn it off and on, but unless the power is drained the monitor won't activate. And because I drain the power the system starts up on its own again each time.

I've tried changing the motherboard from an Abit NF7 nforce2 to an Asus via KM 400, and replacing the 350W smart power that comes with the Antec SLK 2650-BQE, with a 550W Antec truepower. I originally thought maybe it had something to do with the switch electronics, but I've found out this can't be the case because the power switch and reset button are just simple shorts, and when I disconnect them from the mobo the system still powers on.

Anyone have any idea what the problem could be?

I really don't know what’s going on here anymore. I've removed the motherboard again to check if it’s shorting anywhere but I can't find anything. It seems to be case specific because I’ve changed the PSU and motherboard, but I just can't figure out what it is :|

system specs;
2800+, via KM400, 80G WD, 2x 256kinston, SLK 2650-BQE with 350 smart power psu, 56k modem, sony dvd burner.


Feb 4, 2004
Well, if you've remedied the problem, good for you, as your post as been up for some time. If not, I have a few suggestions that might help.

But first I need some clarifications. When you say "drain the power from the motherboard," you mean a cold boot? And I have no idea what you mean by "I disconnect them from the mobo the sytem still powers on." Are you saying the rest of the system powers on, including the monitor, and obviously not the mobo?

Here are some tips. You didn't provide any indication that this is a newly built or burned-in rig. If it's a burned-in rig, figure out when was the last time your rig was fully functional. Do you recall any changes you may have made before and after this problem? Or, did the problem just spring up out of the blue?

Next, you claim you checked for shorts by removing the mobo; what was the procedure? Did you place the mobo on a non-static, flat surface (such as a piece of cardboard or even a anti-static bag), connect everything, and start up the rig? If so, what were your results? If your results were good, then you know it's either a case-isolated issue or your installation in the rig is foul. Do not overtighten screws, as that is the source of much frustration for most. If your results are not good, however, keep the system outside the case, until you have isolated the problem.

Check the video card. If you're employing a discrete card, try the integrated graphics chipset, if one is available, or plug in another discrete graphics card - this is where the friend can be of good use. Try another outlet and consider the surge protector and/or UPS (you do have one or the other, don't you?) as suspect. One even better is try an outlet on a different transformer, if one is available - consider a neighbor or friends house as an alternative. Try testing another monitor. If you don't have a spare, ask a friend to borrow one.