Antec Solution Series SLK3000B Super MidTower Case


Dec 10, 2004
I was thinking about picking up this case for my new build. For the processor I plan on getting an Athlon 64 3500+. However, the description for this case indicates it is 3.0 GHz compatible. (Description listed at This is my first build, and I've looked at a lot of cases, but this is the only one that I noticed with a GHz rating. Will the 3500+ be OK in this case?

Thanks for any help that you can give.


Sep 15, 2002
A 3500 should be fine in just about any case, lol. I can't believe they put a ghz limit on a case, someone isn't thinkin straight...
The only reason I could see that being there is for heat because that case has no front fan but that still doesn't make much sense. I've delt with dozens of 3ghz machines in those cases and they have all been fine. There aren't to many cpus that get hottern than a p4 3.06ghz :)

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You can always add more fans for cooling, right? At worst, might have to modify case, mine supports up to 4 case fans, then one for chipset, one for proc cooler, one for PSU, one for GPU...

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