Question Antec Symphony 240 AIO pump --- the 3-pin male connector broke, will it be usable like that ?

Apr 2, 2023
The 3-pin male connector on my Antec Symphony 240MM pump has broken, and I wanted to ask is it ok to still use the with it being broken?


We need to clarify which connector. There are THREE cables from the PUMP unit to connect. One is the wide SATA power connector that goes to a SATA power output connector on wires from the PSU. The smallest of the three is a female (with holes) connector that goes to the mobo CPU_FAN header, and this is to communicate pump speed info back to that header.The last cable has three connectors on its end, all of then wider than the fan connector on the CPU_FAN header. Of these, two are female with 3 holes. One of those looks like it had 4 holes but one is blocked off. The third connector on this is male (with pins). ONE of the two female connectors will fit onto an ARGB header on your mobo. The male connector is just to daisy-chain feed to other ARGB lighting systems, including the FANS on the rad of this system. ALL of these three are only for ARGB lights, and have nothing to do with power to either the pump or the rad fans. They are NOT essential for proper cooling - they are only for aesthetics of lighting.
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