Question anti aliasing is horrible in everygame?


Mar 15, 2018
i used sharp hdtv 32 inch, the truth is im not good with tv settings, and i dont know how to change the resolution on my tv because it has no setting for resolution ... the point is every game i played or most of the game , the anti aliasing is so bad, in just cause 3 its horrible, other games too but its not very noticable, but yes, most of the games... is it my tv? nvidia setting? i tried to update everything on nvidia , or change the setting but nothing, when i try to play a game pop up 1080* resolution on my top right corner on my tv
what is the cause of it?
TV's have a lot of automated enhancements meant for video which ruin PC usage you should disable. Look for stuff like motion enhancement, noise reduction, contrast enhancement, &c and disable them. Different manufacturers have different names for these enhancements. Your TV may have more options or less. It will take some digging. These should be in your TV's menu settings and are on a per input basis. Personally, I turn these off for all sources to get rid of the soap opera effect. Some TV's have input settings you can just set to PC to turn all that off. Also turn off scaling on the TV.

Once all that is off. In the nVidia control panel set the overscan setting if needed. So that the entire screen is filled without going beyond the edges of the screen. The idea is you want a one to one pixel ratio. Too small or large and their will be some blurring as the output resolution of the PC won't match the resolution of the TV.