Apr 13, 2006
One of these days you little boys will get a treat from using a non activated version of windows. Trust me I know because I experienced a new thing that these rich bastards are doing and nobody seems to finger it out. I have loaded windows xp probably 2500 times and I can look at an install and know that the files that are being installed werent on that cd the last 2499 times I watched it run befor. So They are putting some 448 blowfish encrypted BS in the boot sector so when you do a new install and dont have your BIOS VIRUS Protection enabled. It will act like a virus is trying to access the boot sector. If you says yes and slip by letting this install after f6 mode your done. You will never get that file I DONT GIVE A FUK WHAT YOU TRY it wont go away period. I even cut and hexed the boot sector and it still wont dissappear. THIS is 1 reason that BLOWFUk is not permitted to leave the US. Because fiirst of all it takes one mighty powerful piece of software to find it. Then you have to determine what it is and how the hell it got ther and it all stems from using the non activated cds . Then once its there its only a matter of time before 1 day your HD wont boot or your board is dead and its because the almighty MS smoked your ass and you are too stupid to relize what really happened. I have 10 or so MBs and 20 rmas of HDs that I sent back in less than 8 months. I could go on and on about how if they want your ass they WILL GET YOUR ASS ON A PLATE. Untill you finaly do what they want you to do and that is activate your installs and run thr updates. ANYBODY that dost believe me , I have the 599 admin pack from winternals that I made a cd like barts but only better. THis cd let me accesss the drive each time it would start and I found a series of 80 or so BNquack file that mysteriously were generated between boots that rendered all of them dead. SO bottom line here is finf somebody that has a compaq or hp laptop and use their disk on a clean no hp install and activate it and make a copy to keep that way you have activated install and the person that bought the cd to begin with still cant do all the normal but on a unattended install it never activates from oem manufactors. BITE ME BILL


Dec 15, 2005
Good for you. Hope you try to steal something from the wrong guy one of these times. You're the whiner, desperately trying to justify stealing with very weak and worthless rationalizations. Gas companies are robbing us blind, are you filling up and driving off without paying? No, you're too afraid of getting caught. Why not just drive off and when you're caught, you can give them your big BITE ME OPEC! I'm sure they'll let you go, because you're a genius.
If I'm not mistaken, he was actually "warning" us about what would happen if we ran illegal installs of Windows.

Of course, it a bunch of unsubstantiated bull... because up until recently, I was running a VLK XP Pro... and absolutely nothing happened to my hardware.