Anti-static measures


Nov 23, 2010
Hello folks

Okay this is going to sound like a really stupid question, but what is the consensus on how you properly use an anti-static strap without the concurrent use of an anti-static mat?

I ask because it's the first time I've built a computer. I've read various people saying that (if you don't have an anti-static mat) you plug the computer to the power point with the power switch OFF and clip the end of the anti-static strap to the PSU. But this doesn't make sense to me because if the switch is OFF, isn't that the same as having the computer completely unplugged?

Admittedly I don't have an extremely good grasp of physics/electronics so the way I'd go about it is connect the PSU to the chassis, and clip the end of the anti-static strap to the PSU without it being plugged in. Sound okay? Or "not well grounded"?
The ground does not run through the power switch and therefore it is always grounded on or of.
I personally never use a strap but take the precautions of never working on computers in a room with a carpet and always touch metal parts of the computer case with my hands and tools before touching any of the hardware.
The principle of the whole thing is either to ground the body and equipment so as to drain all static charge on our body and not have the highly sensitive electrical components short out due to a burst of electrical charge.
The principle of the antistatic pad is more like that of charge being dispersed to the outer most surface thereby protecting everything inside , when you connect the 2 the charge from the wrist band goes to the pad where it is collected and then drained.... or discharges..... thru the ground.....

The way you go about making the connections is...... DANGEROUS.... :)
You can keep the antistatic band on as long as nothing is connected into the wall power outlet or a power supply, the moment you plan on doing that you need to remove or disconnect the wristband or you're going to be in for a jolt if there is a leak somewhere in the line....
Mainly, because you are the ground for a system that's not well grounded.

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