Question Anti Static Wrist Strap or Similar Safety Procedures?

Jul 12, 2021

I'm wondering what are the best options for keeping my computer safe when mucking around inside it - safe from frying components from Static etc? NOTE - it is currently super super dry and cold where we are right now - if that matters?

I've heard about Anti Static Wrist Straps but what are the other best/safest ways you can do it without one - for when either changing parts around or cleaning inside the case?

Any recommendations an affordable but effective strap (don't think I have parts to make one here)

Any advice would be awesome!


Dylan Beckett
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Don't walk across carpet in your socks and then handle your components. Touch the case itself or something else that is metal and grounded before handling internal components.

In 37+ years of working on computers, I've never used ground straps and I've never had an issue. If possible, try to work on it in an area where the flooring is not carpet, like linoleum, tile or hardwood, that way you are much less likely to generate any static electricity in the first place, but it's not absolutely essential. I work on systems all the time that are in carpeted rooms and you just need to practice a little common sense as far as grounding yourself to dissipate any generated charge before you start handling things. And by "grounding", I mean touching something metal like the case or a metal lamp that's plugged into the wall, etc.