Antighosting not working

Nov 10, 2018
So, I recently bought a really cheap keyboard (Meetion K9300), because I was looking for a cheap antighosting (Multikey-Rollover) keayboard to play, as I spilled liquid on my previous keyboard and it stopped working properly. The thing is, this keyboard was advertised as a 19 key antighosting keyboard... But when testing it ( with certain keys, like the alphabet it does pretty well (except for some cases, I'm gonna explain that later). But when testing other keys it falls very short of that 19 antighosting keys advertised. For example, a game I play requires to hold Ctrl (to run), Space (for jumping), W (for moving forward), and 4 (to change through items on your toolbar), and it works up until W, but then the 4 doesn't registers, this just happens to that single key on the alphanumeric sector, all other keys work with this combination (Ctrl + Space + W + 1/2/3/5/6/7/8/9/0), but 4 doesn't for some reason. After I went to the testing site for key rollover, it does indeed not work, 4 doesn't registers. But the weird thing is that I've managed to hit even 10 keys at the same time, and the keyboard does register them, but for some reason certain combinations don't work. For example I can press M + N + Space, but can't press N + M + H/G/J. And this seems really odd for me. I don't know if this is a faulty keyboard or this is some sort of fake advertisement... I'm asking this so I can get informed and get a replacement or a refund maybe...


Some keyboards do have specific keys that are setup in areas of rollover so they go by area of keyboard or key bundles, not by "every key".

You would need to contact the keyboard vendor to find out if what is happening is normal.