Question Antimalware hogs resouces, any legit way to remove it?


Jun 10, 2017
I see all these articles about techniques for removing/disabling Anti-Malware but none of them actually work. Is there a legitimate way to eliminate it? My PC is too outdated to stand having my resources hogged like it does 😞
it used to be that microsoft anti malware was pretty polite. If it sees a another scanner installed it does not run. So you could install another scanner, disable it but leave the drivers installed and microsoft scanner will not run. Not a very good solution since you can turn off real time scanning (but it turns back on at some time)

maybe this method would work. to tell explorer it can not run certain .exe names via regedit.
you could give it a try.
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What are the specs of you antique pc?
Is it even supported on windows 10?

Windows defender is one of the most efficient and effective antivirus/malware products around.
It normally has no impact except when scanning or you are accessing the internet or email.

Your performance issues may have unrelated causes.
Possibly, you how have a virus or malware infection.

Unless you are disconnected from the internet, disabling Defender is not a good idea.
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