Solved! Antivirus Removal help

Sep 24, 2018
I have a new 2yr copy for 3 pc's I bought from Fry's (free with rebates). Installed on my old PC OK no issue, but I did have the old version that have run for 2 yrs now but is expiring. Tried to download to my New HP690-0067c but I couldn’t get it to install, ii did install the free version. Called AVG & I have McAfee so they said I cant just use Control Panel as it may NOT get all parts out of my PC. Now they can using their proprietary tool for a Hot DISCOUNT of $47 bucks to get it all out. Oh by the way since I told the tech I wasn’t about to pay that amount she called her supervisor to sell me. No dice I didn’t fall off the Turnip Truck into town. ANYONE know if any part of this is true. Can I remove it with CP or do I need some kind of removal software.