Question Any 3-rd party drivers to replace Realtek drivers for hissy noisy sound/mic?


Jun 20, 2013

There is something teribbly wrong with my audio (MSI b550m mortar wifi, Ryzen 3300X, Be Quiet Straight Power 550w). There is an odd fading hiss noise in audio. I do not hear it when i am listening to some music, but, for example, if i move the "Sound volume" slider on Windows, whenever the sound plays it is accompanied with a hiss which fades quickly. The microphone hiss/noise is insanely loud. I cannot have a solution to this.

I've had same issues with my previous desktop computer, but upgrading Reatec drivers on that one (Gigabyte z170n-wifi), solved the issue and the sound and the mic was clear.

Here is what i tried so far:
Reinstalling Windows;
Installing latest Bios (3 newest versions);
Intalling/reinstalling Realek drivers many times. Different versions, with/without Audio control turned on/off in bios etc.
Tested all posible configurations in Realtek Audio manager (jacks paire/unpaired etc), all different frequencies;
Trned off all effects;
Different power plans in Windows Power management;

Unplugged front audio jacks;
Disconected all unnecesarry cables out of motherboard (RGB, USB-C);
Tried to detach/attach front panel ground to the case (In Win 301C);
Turned off all fans;
Moved the PSU power cable away from the audio cables.
Puting hand on the metal case or touching the USB port to attempt to extra-ground.

Headsets and USB dongle:
The terrible Mic noise happens on 3.5mm jacks on both my headsets (Astro A10, and Senheiser Game One);
The recording quality is terrible on both and it doesnt matter if it's fron or rear panel jacks on the case;
I tried a USB headphone, and the quality in sound was even worse than in jack;
I bought a Sabrent Acoustics USB adapte ddongle with a 50cm USB cable, to see if the audio interface away from the case would make any difference. The adapter has a Mic-in and SPeakr out Pots so i tested my Senheiser and Astro A10 on it in different USB ports. All the dongle did was lower Gain, but the noise was still there.
How can the noise be the same on USB dongle and in thereal IO of the case???? That is why i came to a conclusion that it is highhly likely a driver issue.

Nothing reduced the noise. Also i did many things in BIOS (Enagle/disable SMT, Wifi, Audio controller, Undervolting, Pci-e Gen3/ge4 swap).

Has anyone had the same issues with the MSI B550M mortar Wifi?
Did i miss something, that could be tried too? SOmething hihgly advanced, that i might not know off. I did not type all the generic things i did (like disabling HDMI audio of monitor, disabling all devices in Sound panel of windows etc).

Hope to hearing from you.v