Question Any advice on my gaming pc? (1500€ | Belgium)


Apr 25, 2018
All information about my build:
  • Mostly gaming, but not a hardcore gamer at all
  • I am a front-end developer, so I use Adobe programs and I make websites/apps
  • Especially playing League of Legends, but every now and then I also want to play Triple-A games on medium/high/ultra quality
  • I have the AOC G2770PF monitor (1920x1080, 1ms, 144hz, 27inch)
  • I plan to upgrade my build in 3-4 years
  • I plan to overclock my gpu and cpu.
  • I will be purchasing the parts online from []
  • My shopping cart: []
  • My build []
I don't know if I have chosen the best parts. I hesitate especially if I've chosen the best gpu, motherboard and cpu cooler (taking into account price and quality).

Do you have any advice for me?

Thank you in advance!


That build looks pretty good. The only things I would suggest are that the Ryzen 3000 series is supposed to be here this week so you might want to wait for the benchmarks before you decide to buy. The other thing is that you don't need that thermal compound - that's a waste of money.


Dec 14, 2015
Since content is more important, i would get more cores, and more ram if possible (or you will have to find same type of stick with identical chip on when upgrading later)
and not rely on hdd, except for backup or your working with large amounts of data (XXGB/day).

the 280 AIO is a bit quieter, but setup the cpu cooler to be regulated by MB and the 240 should be quiet enough at low/med load, while providing same cooling as the 280,
as the dead area (fan) is smaller. i switched the fans for some arctic that are quieter than the corsair at idle, while cooling better.

the ssds will make work much faster, the 860 evo has better memory (mlc), and the crucial gives a bit more storage, while not be limited in output and has much better latency than hdd.
with 1080p res, most games will probably be more cpu dependent (than on gpu), so make sure to crank up graphic settings in-game, maybe use DSR to render at 1440p/2160p.
i would still try to get a 1080/ti (maybe local store with open box), otherwise get a msi gaming (best cooling gets best clocks), or the zotac amp to get the same as the asus.
had virtually every chip from the 900/1000 series in all brands, and the msi gaming usually had the better max/continuous clocks, and the higher power limits on other brands (evga/asus/gigabyte)
most of the time wouldn't make a difference (for normal oc).

dont remember how good the rm series was (probably not "that" good, or i would), i prefer the evga stuff (2nd or better 3rd gen of gold/platinum series, e.g. G3/P3),
or the seasonic focus, as they are definitely top units.

maybe wait and go for R3700X, as perf would be really nice and you wouldn't have to worry about upgrading, and if it would just be a cpu/gpu swap (and keep the board).

my build is a bit more, but includes cost for MB and PSU

update: with the super coming out, makes more sense to get that., as the super should be same/lower price, while being faster than 2070.
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