Any answer


Oct 11, 2011
I have a good working pc suddenly something get wrong some file of windows xp(os ) data is missing so i insert the installation CD, from then on my pc did not work anymore so i decided to recover my data in hard disk, after recovering i reformatted it using another computer, when i put back the hardisk, my pc is not responding at all no beep codes, i started to remove one by one memory, usb connection, sata connection in my hard disk, my ide to the optical drive still no beep codes, i also remove my fan in the processor to check if my processor get hotter and it get hotter so i switch off,, I observed that my fan is running properly.
MY mother board is P5vd2-MX asus. I also removed any third party hardware.
My pc is three years old now
Can anyone help me?
Is this a MoBo problem?
Did i removed the mother board data when I reformatted my hard disk?
Is there any other way to check my mother board?