Any body having any trouble with the 3570k?


Mar 29, 2012
I don't see any reason to change unless you're in need of something. Why are you considering changing? If you're staying below about 4.8 GHz, your temps will be fine and you get a little extra IPC to make up for a lower overclock.
If you mean by "stick" you already have the processor? If all means keep it! However, if you have a microcenter nearby you can buy either the 3570k or 2500k and get $50 off of any motherboard.


Apr 25, 2012
Ya, I just got the box from NewEgg. I read they are HOT... this is my first build and I'm trying not to pick bad parts. I thought I would ask around from real people how they were doing. Thanks for the info. :)

While I'm at it... I've got a Corsair TX750, 550D case and H80 cooler, ASRock Z77 Extreme6 board in boxes in my room. Good choices? The Army has made me PARANOID :fou: :lol: :D Thanks man...
They H80 should keep it pretty cool. They run hot above 4.5Ghz compared to Sandy Bridge. It also is on average 10% faster than Sandy Bridge, so a 4.5Ghz Ivy bridge is pretty much on par with a 5Ghz Sandy bridge. :)

Did you scroll down the page? Next benches it averaged 16%. 16+3.7/2=9.85. That is about 10%. :)