Any Diablo3 beta users running an i7-920?


Dec 12, 2009
For any Diablo3 beta users out there, are any of you running an i7-920 machine? If so, whats the average framerate you're getting and at what settings?
Right now I'm running a 920 with a GTS250 and 6gb of ram. That runs starcraft 2 pretty well at mostly high settings...I can get ~50fps; around 30 on ultra. I don't need things blazingly fast but I want it smooth when there's a lot of action onscreen.
Would a better video card/ram help? I'm thinking of getting a GTX 560Ti.
Basically I'm trying to avoid going the new processor route if I can.

-- Mark


Feb 27, 2012

Don't know anything about the i7-920, since I'm using the i5-2500k, but I can tell you that upgrading to the gtx 560ti would be a great choice. I have that card, and I run SC2 at the highest settings and my fps is usually 80-100, sometimes dropping to low 60s when there's a lot going on, but never below 60. So I'm pretty sure that the gtx 560ti will do really well with Diablo 3 too. Any card higher and it's overkill for Blizzard games, in fact most people will agree that even the gtx 560ti is overkill for blizzard games.