[SOLVED] Any differences between F4-2666C15 and F4-2666C15D?


Nov 3, 2014
I'm trying to figure out the exact model of my RAM sticks (I couldn't remember it), because I want to buy more RAM for my PC.
So I tried using the command "wmic memorychip get devicelocator, partnumber"
and I got that model F4-2666C15, Looking through Amazon the closest to my model is F4-2666C15D and wondering what are the differences and will they work good with each other?



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No, that's just part of the external model most likely. If you buy another kit, and run CPU-Z or Thaiphoon burner or your command line inquiry, those sticks will likely return the same thing, without the D.

Mostly, when you have the exact same part number except at the end you have something different, USUALLY it's just the color of the heatsinks or the number of sticks in the kit. XXXXXXB will be black. XXXXXXR will be red. Etc.


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It is the same. Besides which, it really doesn't matter. When you ADD memory to a kit, that it did not come WITH from the factory, you are taking the exact same chance that it may not want to "play nice" as you would be when adding some other kit that does not have the same part number but has similar specs. ALL memory stands a chance of not playing nice together if it did not come together as a factory tested kit. That is the ONLY way anything is EVER guaranteed when it comes to memory.

Buying another kit that is the EXACT same model, is NO guarantee of anything. Buying memory that has as close to the exact same specs as possible DOES increase your chances that it will play nice together, but there are so many variables involved including the fact that often even the same kit is not the same kit, because they may have changed things at the factory in between production runs.

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