Question Any Dual pcie x16 working in x16 mode Amd am4 motheeboards

Oct 26, 2020
I m planning a new build of pc for video editing content creation graphic and 3D graphic designing...I had selected Ryzen 7 2700x or 3700x or Ryzen 5 3600x and finding a motherboard with good vrm 2 m.2 slot and dual Pcie x16 slot. as m.2_2 slots locks or disables the pcie slots or SATA due to lanes sharing.

I want to Ateast use 2 M.2 drives at least 3500mbps on decided to put 1 GPU and 1 ausus hyper adapter m. 2 card as it has m.2 4slots all working in pcie x4 but it requires need pcie x16 working lanes

So I am finding amd am4 affordable motherboard x470 or x570 or b450 or b550 which have 2 two dual Pcie slots working in true x16 lanes either pcie 4.0 or pcie 3.0 .

I have finded following board which have 3 pcie slots but it confused as in specification it specify it's working in x16 but in manual it shows it's working in x8 mode

Motherboards that have 3 pcie x16 slots but do they work in pcie 3.0 x 16 or pcie x16 mode.

Asus Rog strix b450-f gaming
Asus Rog strix 450-f gaming II
Asus Rog strix 450-e gaming
Asus Rog strix x470-f gaming
Asus prime x470-pro
Ausus Rog strix b550 XE gaming
Asus x570 prime-pro
Asus Rog strix x570-f &e gaming

Gigabyte b450 arous pro
Gigabyte b450 arous pro wifi
Gigabyte x470 gaming 5 wifi
Gigabyte x470 arous ultra gaming
Gigabyte b550 arous pro
Gigabyte b550 arous pro AC
Gigabyte b550 arous elite
gigabyte x570 UD
Gigabyte x570 arous ultra

Msi X470 gaming. carbon pro
Msi x470 gaming m7 ac
Msi x470 gaming plus
Msi x470 gaming pro
Msi x570 ace

q1. The specification page says all these boards have pcie 3x16 3 slots but in manual I want to confirm that if I put one Graphic card on one slot and another AU's hyper m.2 x16 adapter card on another slot will any board give pciex16 means x16 mode to both card or will work on pcie second slot will work in x8 mode.

Q2. If there is no such board with dual or second slot working in x16 mode then can GPU GTX 1650 super work in second slot working in x8 mode and the m.2 adpater in first slot in x16 mode.

Any further suggestions advice opinions most welcome

Thanks in advance for your precious time advice opinion and sharing you knowledge.


The only board that will give you 16 lanes regardless of what bandwidth version is the X series of boards. the B series boards will relegate the second slot to run at 8 lanes(i.e bifurcated).

Yes the GPU in question will work with 8 lanes, you're only going to loose a small amount of performance from the GPU but keep in mind that if the second slot is running at 8 lanes, the first one will also run at 8 lanes.
Oct 26, 2020
@Lutfij thank you buddy for giving your precious time precious advice opinion and sharing your knowledge and clearing my concepts doubts grateful to you. Lutfij bro happy new year and happy day.

... but keep in mind that if the second slot is running at 8 lanes, the first one will also run at 8 lanes.
@Lutfij bro thanx again. As you told that if we put GPU in second pcie then first slot will to work in x8 lanes mode. Will this even on x570 and x470 boards to on b450 or b550 boards due to notification.

If yes, then As you said that in x470 and x570 boards both slots work in x16 lanes mode. Then if I put GPU on first slot and m.2 card in second slot then will both slot will work in x16 lanes mode or not. if not then it will be impossible to use together GPU and Asus hyper adapter x16 v2 m.2 adapter card in pciex16 slot in any x16 lanes mode In any b450 or even x570 boards to.

Is there any way or method to use adpater card and GPU together in x16 lanes speed mode? Then can we put the single m.2 adapter cards on pcie 3.0x4 or pcie 4.0x4 slots without compromising the pcie3.0x16
or pcie4. 0x16 first slot speed. Do pcie3x4 or pcie4x4 slots used to compromise speed of other slot.