Question Any Google Drive experts ?

Mar 8, 2021
Hi, How can I access the folder where I can see all the files I shared with others. (opposite of 'shared with me' ? .)


Sadly there isn't a real way. There is a website called "" that can scan your drive for this (Thats up to you) multiple people who have some scrips to scan your stuff.

BEST way (and this sadly is how it needs to start) is to keep personal and shared items separate. Until recently with the new google drive program, I kept my work files in mine and only synced those folders to my work PC. Now i have a folder on mine (Work Files) and shared the whole folder out to a free gmail i made for work and gave it full access. When you go to the google drive website only real way to see what you are sharing is to see has a little person icon on the folder/file. Then from there right click and click share and it will show who you are sharing with. Only thing is if you create a link where anyone with the link can view it, it will show a shared icon but will not list any emails. You have to then change the share link from Anyone with link to Restricted and it will stop sharing it until you give it an email to share with.