Question Any idea how to fix a HD7970 that suddenly stopped working?


Mar 27, 2015
Hello guys
I recently bought a used Asus Direct CUII HD 7970 for 20$.
It was running smoothly until one morning when I turned my PC on, the system booted and while booting I saw 4 vertical white strips and then the PC turned off and wouldn't boot again.
The motherboard error codes 62 or b2 (not sure which). But using another low end graphic card the system worked.
How do i fix this card or atleast diagnose it?
I would give it a good clean and thremal goop reapply. If that doesnt fix it id give it a nice bake in the oven. Google using this meathod but it can usually fix a card at least temporarily. If all else fails try to see if it shows up in task manager and reflash vbios. It id dead if non of the above fix it.
Depends on what he needs it for. Some places that "$20 gpu" might not be that cheap. They still perform better than some budget modern gpus today so itis definitely worth a try. I think its worth it to try to repair the gpu and save it from an e waste pile for awhile.