Any improvement with Catalyst 3.6


Jun 24, 2003
I am wondering if anyone has installed the new Catalyst 3.6 drivers and whether or not you see any improvement. Are these better than the Omega 2460's? Thanks.
Yes I have installed them and you can see the 3Dmk03 scores in <A HREF="" target="_new">a thread here</A> (look at the bottom, I re-enabled the Futuremark link [just 4 you :tongue: ]). They were not meant to increase DX performance but DO increase GL performance, and they also fix some bugs. I have them running and my only comlpaint is that it automatically removed SmartGart from my control panel (which I didn't mind and wanted to enable FastWrites for a TEST [in Troll's Lair]). Also the TruForm disappeared from my control panel (still searching for it in Rage3DTweak to see if I can enable it there). Otherwise back to the Omegas.

And NO, there aren't NEW Omega's YET. This was also a quick release (2+ weeks) since the CAT 5s (the Omega 2.4.60), so give the brutha a bit of time (especially since NV is messing with him). Expect new Omegas sometime over the next week or so.

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