Any inexpensive way to hide Intel's Option Rom?


Aug 11, 2006
Help for an issue that really is a security nightmare waiting to happen!!

Here's the problem: Intel has a special Option Rom Bios which requires a user to hit Ctrl+I to install Raid systems on their computer systems. However, Intel has no way of hiding or protecting the Ctrl+I feature which is accessible when the system boots up before going to the system bios. So, someone can delete the raid system just by pressing Ctrl + I at boot up. How can someone stop this from occurring? Is there a software solution out there to stop this from happening? Is there some way to reprogram Bios to get an alternative hot key that is different from Ctrl + I so no one can change this. Can someone buy a hardware solution that must be supplied a password before getting to the bios screen? Of course, I have spent hours with this and still no real good solutions. Of course, Intel just says we might put that feature in new motherboards but so far nothing exists. However, Intel's answer does not help me with this board.

Just today, an associate from Password Crackers, Inc. responded in kind by saying that large companies have requested custom bios functions but the cost is very expensive to achieve this. Typically, they have to write custom controllers to keep the average user from tampering with the bios. Of course, the associate said that I could even custom make the controller which again would be difficult and expensive.

This is all I have related to the problem at hand. Hopefully, someone out there might have some suggestions. If not, thanks for looking any way.

"The TechWiz"