Any info about the chaintech 5600 ultra rev 2?


May 8, 2002
System information:

Abit it7 max 1, intel p4 1.6@2.1, 1 gig of corsair 3200 memory, 19inch Viewsonic, and... Asus v6600 Deluxe (Gforce 256 with 32megs of sgram). And forgot to say.. Enermax 651 (550 watt) powersupply

What I use it for:

Besides random business stuff and web surfing, multimedia, photoshop, video editing. I don't game that much, however I might if my video card wasn't so ancient. In addition, whatever I get I might very well be keeping for 3 or 4 years like my last card. So I want it to be something that will age well.

Why I'm dumping the old card:

Performs badly in new stuff. And I'm forced to use either old drivers (29.x) or weird methods (running asus vcr first in their modified 44.03 drivers) in order to get the wdm capture drivers to work. It is becoming problematic to deal with so perhaps it's time to replace it and maybe see if I can use it if I bring my old athlon 750 back from the dead.


I want a video card with vivo capabilities (as opposed to a separate standalone card) for various reasons including that I might want to get a separate standalone hd card once they come down in price and would like to have separate s-video in for the directv since that isn't included in some of the cards currently out there.

I wanted a solid midrange card with a cap just over $200. I splurged on a 9700 AIW that I got from Newegg but have just RMA'd it. It had wavy lines on the video capture. I saw it on the bios menu too strangely, but was alarmed when it would after a brief black screen sometimes appear on the regular monitor as well.

In addition (and this was my own fault since it somehow slipped by me even if newegg erred in including it as a feature on their website) it had only a vga connector and no dvi. While my monitor is a CRT, in the future I am looking at making the jump to LCD.

Also I really did spend too much given what i wanted to do and more than I had originally budgeted.

This leads to my question. Newegg offers one flip chip version of the 5600 by Chaintech, a company I can't say I know all that much about. Has anyone seen any reviews of it? How loud is the included fan? Their website touts how quiet their fan is, but that may just be marketting. Are there any other cards (with s-video in capability) that I should be looking at?

I know that the 5700s as well as the 9600 AIW are going to be out soon as well. But the problem is I have no idea how soon is "soon" and such waiting (for new products and for prices to drop) is why I'm still using something rather ancient.

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