Question Any input would be great .. No post when installing 1050ti gaming x (previously worked fine)

Apr 6, 2019
cpu- Intel core i3 2100

MOBO- Asus P8H77-V LE

RAM- 2x 4gb gskill / 2x 8gb samsung

GPU- msi gtx 1050ti gaming x

psu- 750w corsair CX

So i guess ill start with about a week ago i was playing a game (FFXIV just to be specific). When everything on my pc cut out , no screen distortion / artifact, no freeze BSOD , just off . So when i restarted my pc it was not showing anything on the screen and i happened to look inside the case to see the lights on the side of my gpu (the MSI GAMING RGB) were flickering and shortly after stopped totally the whole time still no screen . At that point I removed the gpu and used the onboard igpu to load the pc , everything ran just fine . So easy fix got the gpu rma done (was super fast with msi, which made me both amazed and concerned at the same time). Fast forward to yesterday got the gpu back , installed it and everything was fine ... for an hour or so .. started playing something and bam everything goes off again . Now here is where it hits WTF status ... I restart the pc and it wont post , everything inside appears to be running but it wont post . so i figured everything is getting power but i cant even get a screen let alone thew bios to show . So i then removed the gpu i just got back and went to igpu and the pc runs fine again ... So next thing i did was updated the out of date bios on the outdated mobo ( yes i know the mobo and cpu are ancient beyond reason) and I reinstalled the msi gpu and the computer starts up just fine again ... for about 30 mins and it dies again .. now im back to it sometimes posting then freezes at the windows password screen or right before .. If i goto bios it does not freeze just works normally . I let it run in bios for over 30 mins watching the temps/voltages to look for spikes , nothing . So the only thing I can think of is the mobo is going out or possibly the psu but I literally got this psu not even 6 months ago . And I have not overclocked this pc at all , and I monitor the temps religiously prob more then need be but still . Any input or suggestions would be nice cause im at the end of my rope .. I have tried numerous fixes within my power to do so as I also do not have another system to test on so that is a problem as well.

earlier i took out the gpu and used the igpu to see if I could get it to crash after putting some load on it but it ran fine for the few hours I was on it. I cant imagine that the gpu I literally JUST got back from msi is faulty and when its installed it appears to be running just no post( the RGB side lights are lit up).
Let's see if someone with more experience pops in....

Have you checked the voltages read by the motherboard? If I'm not mistaken BIOS might show the readings of the +3V, +5V and +12V rails. Or you could use something like HWiNFO to see what they are under the motherboard section.

Not sure if it's relevant but you have two sets of RAM installed. Have you tried using only one set of RAM in dual channel configuration to see whether the issue occurs?
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