Any match for my 550 BE?


Aug 18, 2009

I've wasted my time on choosing a CPU, always hesitating between wait or go head. The I5 seemed to be nice and cheap, but it's like this is not what I expected (like 300+ to have HT). W/E, as a jew, I prefer spend less and have more for my bucks. So I finally choosed the 550 BE!

OK here I come to my question! The stock speed of that CPU is 3.1GHz but I think 4GHz O/C' is currently "normal". I have not read any benchmark about 550 turned into a triple and/or quad core overclocked, so I can't tell for its performances in that situation. However, I do want to unlock atleast 1 hidden core for gaming purpose. I don't know if you lost me, if yes, then I'm sorry :). All I'm trying to tell you is the power I can get from my CPU and I'm wondering which Graphic card may suit this processor.

I want on my build a monitor of 1080p definition (1920x1200 seems to be a waste of money for a 24'inch screen). I don't know what's the best actually, I want to spend a lil' more on my G/C because (I think) its the part which is going to work the most on my computer. I don't hate FPS (played a lot COD4 on my PS3 before it blows), I like strategic games such as WC3 and coming SC2/D3 [yes, I'm a blizzard fan]. So, I want my system to be viable for atleast 2 years.

To finish, I know you probably won't be able to tell me which GC I should choose because I haven't gave you enough information (I'm really optimist), but if you could tell me what is the actual king of the hill, how the market is evolving or "what's the basic". I read some guide to understand what's behind the name of "Graphic Card" but I'm lost because these guide are old and/or unclear. So, if atleast I had something to compare and see what may satisfy my needs and greeds :p.