any need for 6870 2gb cf for 1080p?

robin banks uk

Mar 15, 2010
any need for 6870 2gb cf for 1080p?

been looking at playing games at max (30fps+) and the xfx 6870 black big fan model looks good (had one in old rig)

but what model to go for?

xfx 1gb 6870 crossfire

xfx 2gb 6870 crossfire

560ti 1gb sli?
For 1080p 1gb is fine. If you plan on perhaps adding 2 more monitors for Eyefinity then 2gb would be appropriate.
I would skip crossfire SLI and just get a better single card personally.
I'd say go with two 6870s in Crossfire. 1GB is all you need right now for 1080p and will probably hold true for sometime, but 2GB cards will ensure you have a smoother experience latter on though as games use more memory especially if you want to use eyefinity latter.