Any new motherboards that supports two asus en7800gt dual?


Dec 25, 2006
I've already posted on this before but hope that someone can shed some light on the topic. I am basically stuck with an Asus en7800gt dual graphics card and intend on adding a second one for the SLI setup and what I need to know is are there any newer motherboards that will fully support two of these cards aside from the A8N32 SLI deluxe?


Nov 23, 2006
I am pretty sure that there are a lot of sli motherboards that would easily support those cards, you just need to make sure that the PCIe slots are far enough apart to be able to fit the cards in.

I assume that you will be staying with the 939 cpu from what you are asking, if so I don't see a problem with that board, it has had some good reviews, I don't like the layout of some of the connectors though.

The problem with trying to find a newer motherboard is that the 939 is no longer current. If you want a newer board I would suggest possibly looking at selling what you have and looking at an Nforce5 chipset and AM2, only my opinion.