Question Any new "popular" FPS action/deathmatch games?


Nov 21, 2016
I'm starting to go mental and looking for a fix. Every game seems to be pigeonholed into small teams, squads or battle royale. I just want a good old fashion frag-fest. Like the early Battlefields, UT, Quake and COD games. COD may be an option but I became bored with the rinse and repeat 10+ years ago.

Over the past couple years I've had some fun, nothing to write home about playing Star Wars BF2, Battlefield V (BFV has squads but you don't have to work together and you won't get kicked if you don't). Did some Overwatch but not a fan.

Maybe it's a good thing since I've been finally playing some of my 1000+ single player titles. ;)

If you have a recommendation please respond.


2042 is out of course, they increased the player count to 128. Seem to have gotten rid of the class system which kind of put me off a bit. I haven't yet tried it myself. But the reviews were lukewarm from people who have played the original (which I probably have more hours into then I care to admit)

If there were more active players, I would probably still play the Unreal Tournament remake on UE4. Sadly all development switched over to Fortnite. A good match to the original and similar to UT3 as well. Never really cared for UT 2k3 or 2k4. (heck I built a computer to play UT3 dx10 required)

Haven't had a Quake game in a while, I guess there is Doom and Doom Eternal. Maybe Quake is next? I know people still actively play Q3 Arena as well as the original UT.

CoD 2 and 4 were the only ones I really recall playing. I've never been a fan of having to level up equipment and was not happy when that came to BF. I usually just go for the weapon I want, then stop trying to progress. (which is often some single shot weapon, because I am weird that way)

Halo Infinite?