Question Any News on Ryzen 3000 Pricing so Far?

Feb 11, 2019
I'm planning on upgrading my CPU soon, from an fx-8350 to a 2700x. I want to buy it in April while I'm in Japan as I can get it for much cheaper there. However it's just a few months before Ryzen 3000 releases, so I'm thinking of either waiting for that and buying a "3700x" if it's cheap enough, or get a 2700x after 3000 launches due to the lower prices. So has anyone heard anything yet about what the pricing will be like for those, so I know if it's worth buying or not? If it's going to be way more than a 2700x, I'll just stick to that, as that I don't need to much extra performance anyway, as I'm already getting great FPS at max settings already, so then the questions becomes if the price of the 2700x after the launch of Zen2 will be less than what I can get it for prior in Japan, which will be around £226.


No word on pricing as of yet. It's safe to assume you'll see price reductions on the 2700X post 3700X (etc) launch, but exactly when/how much is anybodies guess.

Looking at the 1700X to 2700X, the 1700X was a ~£300-350 chip until the 2700X launched. Took a little while, but within 2-3 months you could find the 1700X for £200 or a little less.