Question Any Obvious Compatibility issues with this parts list?

The only things you need to check are:
Can the case fit the gpu (check in phanteks page for gpu length max and on the evga page for the length of that gpu)
then check if the case can fit a 3.5" hard drive and a 2.5" inch ssd. (it does, but as a general rule, check it)
Then check if it has mounting for a 240mm radiator.
I see no compatibility issues.
It is not clear to me what parts you already have.
I might guess that you are upgrading the cpu and gpu on a current Z390 motherboard.

As a matter of preference, I would use a noctua NH-D15s cooler instead.
It costs about the same, cools about the same, but will be easier to install, be quieter and will not leak.