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Any one here like win8 besides me?


May 26, 2012
it feels like all i read about is how it sucks. but i actually enjoy the new UI. its faster to get around then 7 and one you get use to it and set it up to the way you like it its amazing. then again i honestly think its just win 7 but a little faster and a diffident approach. also i love win7 too. anyone else feel the way i do? i cant be the only one can i?


Nope, you're not the only one. I used it starting with CP, then RP, and I went and installed the RTM build as soon as it appeared on TechNet. It's different for sure, but not that hard for anyone who works in the IT field to get used to very quickly.

For less technically inclined users, it will take more time for sure, but far too many write it off after about 5 minutes. I love it, and all of my machines will be using it shortly (once my laptop is returned from the repair depot).


I like it too, it's incredibly easy to use and get used to.

There is a program call WinStart from stardock that restores the Start menu and lets you use Metro still which is nice.

Windows 8 is quick and loads incredibly fast on a mechanical HDD too which is crazy.

It will take time for people to get used to the new design, people just don't like change, but Microsoft will have Windows 9 to improve upon the concept of Metro.
I prefer Windows 8 over Windows 7. I don't use *Metro* much except for the side bar because I'm not a big fan of it but most people just don't like change and complain about it. These are probably many of the same people who didn't like Vista/7 just because of the UI changes from XP and would probably have said the same about going from Windows Millennium/2000 to XP.

I get the feeling all the android/iphone users will prefer the newer "metro" interface, and as more and more touch screen devices and tables get released, the more it will be realized and accepted.

Windows 7 + touchscreen = nightmare

Windows 8 + touchscreen = amazing


Nope it's a complete train wreck. Dare I say it, an even bigger POSS than Vista.

Actually I'll clarify that - For tablets or convertible touchscreen laptops I expect the UI is quite usable, as a desktop OS and especially a corporate desktop that will be used with a mouse and keyboard it's an abomination, there will be very little uptake of it in the corporate world, and if the same UI is presented by Remote Desktop Services in 2012 Server I can't see that taking off either.
Vista actually worked fine, i dare say i had less issues with Vista then 7!

I hate people that say "ohhh ill wait for the first service pack" pfffftt you do know its NT6 based = based off 7 = based off VISTA -- just think Vista SP4

the same bugs in the OS carry across to 8
Nope it's a complete train wreck. Dare I say it, an even bigger POSS than Vista.

Actually I'll clarify that - For tablets or convertible touchscreen laptops I expect the UI is quite usable, as a desktop OS and especially a corporate desktop that will be used with a mouse and keyboard it's an abomination, there will be very little uptake of it in the corporate world, and if the same UI is presented by Remote Desktop Services in 2012 Server I can't see that taking off either.
You don't need to use *Metro* when you use Windows 8. If you don't like that UI, then you don't use it even if you upgrade to Windows 8. I simply used Classic Shell to get a start menu and not need to click on the desktop view when I log in once I got a little sick of not having those two options.'

Vista's issues were mostly caused by immature driver support and any computers of the time not having good enough hardware for it. Sure, it had its bugs and other minor issues, but those were mostly caused by the drivers anyway. It's a lot better nowadays, especially with the second service pack.

Its the rubbish logic

What did you see change with Windows 7 SP0 and SP1?


Mar 23, 2010
I don't need a new phone with little improvement over the one I have every year.
I don't need a new war based FPS shooter that differs little from the previous one every year.
I don't need a new operating system that offers a slight improvement over the one I'm using every 3 years.

It's marketing crap, and I don't play that game, I leave it to the suckers with more money than sense.


May 26, 2012

Your comment makes the most sense to me and a valid point. examples: iphone4 to iphone5, mw2 to mw3, win7 to win8. i really only have three reason of getting win8 for me at least.
1st, its supposed to be faster. if i can get a performance upgrade in anyway i will take it. im a big gamer and ill do what it takes to run at 60fps.
2nd, truthfully i have never actually bought an operating system. so for me to actually own a real operating system will be nice. i finnally wont be a pirate.
3rd, its gonna be the cheapest win operating system to come out. win7 cost so much even still today and if win8 come out for only like 80 bucks i should pass up that deal.


May 11, 2012
As a tech person i should put more time and effort into learning Win 8 but as it stands i don't really enjoy it much. It's not that i don't want to put the time and effort it's just that i don't really have much time for it and i'm trying to view Win 8 from all sides. Yes it is different, but at the same time the OS adds a foreign element that not everyone is prepared for. I think the universal complaint here is that the OS is difficult to use despite the fact it should be easy.

I think people do have a right to voice their opinions and it ultimately comes down to the consumers of what they really want. The decisions that MS make will affect what consumers will do. OP is definitely not the only person who enjoys Win 8 and some have come to accept it but with everything in life it's up to every person to decide what they really want. The economy doesn't quite work this way so, people do have every right to complain because after all why pay for something that your not going to like or willing to accept what MS has to offer.

There is plenty of room of improvement for the Metro (new Start menu). If they can improve it so it can do everything Win 7, XP ect (without installing non MS fixes) can then i might go for it. Win 8 is simple, but i can't get it to do the things i require it to do. For now Win 7 (and XP) are staying as my primary OS(s).

XP that explains everything


Sep 20, 2012
I've been using each iteration of the preview versions, and although I ran into a few major bugs with the first couple, the RP has been rock solid and I don't miss Windows 7 in the slightest.
It's basically Win7 + "Metro", while increasing performance all around. Love the new file transfer screen and task manager etc..there's nothing I don't like, really.
I've noticed most people who complain about it simply didn't take the time to actually learn how to use it. Hope to god MS puts in tutorials for the masses.


Jun 5, 2012
i can say i like win8, havent thought of going back to 7 since Consumer Preview. everything works so far, never use the metro UI, just install vistart if you wish to use start menu, i have it installed but still rarely use it. I am used to just having my main shortcuts on my desktops as games, videos and documents, all organized to be easily found, and all my video under xbmc for easy browsing.

i have not had a single issue with 8 yet and i like how it has all my basic drivers, even for my wirless printer, picks it up right away and installs the driver.

cant wait to see how well it operates on full release.

1) Your blaming Microsoft for your printer manufacturers lack of driver support
2) Consumer grade printers are cheap

Bin your prehistoric OS its long dead, dont blame something thats not at fault.

Every day of the week i push my customers off XP and onto 7, i dont allow XP its my rule.


Jul 5, 2012
"Every day of the week i push my customers off XP and onto 7, i dont allow XP its my rule."

Haha .. that is true. I have been doing that as well. I have to remind people that XP is 11 years old. In the computer world that is quite amazing.

I find it amazing how people went from XP to Vista/Win7 and hated it. Then after a few weeks of using it they say how badly XP sucked.

As far as Vista sucking.. I had no issues. The issues were that manufacturers were sticking the "Made for Vista" logo on their XP machines which only had 512MB ram, a slow single core CPU and integrated graphics. The other thing that hurt Vista was the drivers. Microsoft had released preview and development versions of "Longhorn (Vista)" for how many years?? When it finally was released, HP and other companies didn't have drivers for anything. Not Microsoft's fault. These companies knew what was coming and had more than adequate time to get things right.

As for Win8. The start-up and shutdown times are incredible with a mechanical HD. At my shop I built two identical systems. One with Win7 and an SSD and the other with Win8 on an SSD and a mechanical HD (to show the difference between SSD/HDD). The start-up times between the Win7/SSD machine are about equal to the Win8/HDD in boot times. Win8/SSD boots within a few seconds of hitting the power button. About twice as fast as the Win7/SSD machine. It's really incredible how much quicker it is knowing that it's built on the same platform as Vista. For the normal user, Win8 is awesome. All your programs are their on your desktop. Click the icon and go. Can't find what your looking for, start typing the name of it and it will be one of the first things that shows up. It's pretty slick no doubt.

I have already had a few people come in and test out the Win8 machine and immediately fell in love with it. Just last week I had an older gentleman come into the store. He is 93 and served in WWII. He has never owned a computer in his life. He came in and wanted to look at a few systems because he was going to give one to his wife for their anniversary. He sat down at the Win7 machine and hated it. So I showed him the Win8 machine. He immediately figured it out and was on his way within just a few minutes. It was perfect for him. Unfortunately I couldn't sell him the Win8 machine and told him this. He has already paid for his system and is waiting for Win8 to hit retail so we can install it and get it setup at his house. So apparently Win8 is pretty easy to use if you have never used a computer before.
Hi :)

Sorry but the last couple of answers about XP are rubbish...

There is NOTHING wrong with XP as an operating system...with SP3 its as reliable as they come....

Customers come into my shops all the time with XP.... they DO NOT want to learn another operating system, especially when there is nothing wrong with theirs....

I dont push them onto 7 or any other OS....most of them are pensioners (over 65) and I would be ashamed if anyone in my shops pushed them onto 7 purely for profit...

As far as 8 is concerned, we wont be pushing that either, nor will any of my shops be using it, even though as an MS Partner we get free copies...once its stabilised and that awful Metro UI has either vanished or can be altered ...maybe...but not for a long while yet....

All the best Brett :)