Question Any reason to avoid supplying power with TYPE C PD?


Aug 3, 2021
Hi guys! I have this laptop (i7, intel iris version):
dell 5510

Wanna buy this usb c hub:

The laptop provides a barrel charger, and also PD. I want to use the following on the same thunderbolt 4 port:
  • PD to supply power
  • HDMI 4k 60hz
  • ethernet
  • external DAC
  • keyboard

I could really use your help with a few questions:
  1. Am I better off with the barrel charger for any reason? (it's 65W)
  2. Any reason that there may be a problem with this setup? Performance-wise?
  3. Should i get Dell type C charger or any will do? Saftey-wise?
  4. How many watt should the charger supply?
  5. other useful remarks?
Thanks in advance!
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Nuwan Fernando

If you are going to use that USB C hub and to input your charger to the hub, you might need a higher power charger. the hub will use some power from the charger, then the rest will be delivered to the laptop.

If you look at the fourth image of the amazon site, it shows if you input 100W, it'll provide 85W to the laptop. So 15W needs for the HUB.

Since your laptop needs 65W, the charger should provide at least 80W to support the laptop.