[SOLVED] Any reason to have a bigger SSD than 480GB for Win 10 as the operating system drive c:\ ?

Dec 14, 2018
I figure 120 GB and 240 GB is to small. Currently hard drive uses 180 GB for Win 10 inckuding applications I intend to use for foreseeable future. If 180 seems a lot, one specific application uses 100 GB.

I recognize there is an advantage in SSD longevity having a larger drive. Also, a nearly full SSD will have lower performance besides decreased longevity.

Next step would be a 960GB but I don't want use SSD for storing video/audio which currently would be the only use for a 960GB. Platters are fast enough (video/audio) and cheaper.

A 480 GB would make a 37 % usage of the SSD.
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Aug 24, 2019
I use a 1 TB SSD that I have two partitions on, half for C: (Windows and most programs) and the other half for D: (games and game related programs). I want my games on the SSD for faster loading and saving times, and it's nice to have them separate from C: even if they need to put some files on there as well.

It's good to have lots of space on C: because Windows will grow over time, plus for future programs. And plenty of space for future games. Many are quite large these days. And as you say, the performance of the SSD will get lower when it gets almost full.
Depends on how many applications you intend to install....

My 500 GB drive sufficed for two years , but, already I'm wishing I had gotten bigger.

(If you have an available M.2 NVME slot, Intel's excellent 660P is only about $90-$95 these days...not 1 TB will would be quite roomy!)


You really only need as big of an SSD as you need. Sounds a bit weird but its the truth.
Me? I dont need anything other than windows and my applications on an SSD, I only have 120GB of SSD space because I cant afford to upgrade.
That being said, its enough for me.

Yeah sure Id love to use a 660p for games and bulk files/DSLR pictures, the file transfer speeds would be so much faster. But Im used to waiting.
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