[SOLVED] Any recommendations for replacement PSU, needs to have min 142W combined on 3.3v & 5V rails?


Dec 20, 2011
My child's Dell XPS 8300 power supply finally went out; Dell says needs min 142w combined on the 3.3v & 5V rails; links to compatible EVGA 700BR & 850BQ. Is there any better PSU options than those around same price range? I don't know much about PSUs but last year when I was building my new pc seem to recall that those weren't good. I ended up getting a CX650 which I still have, says 130w combined, but 25a on both the 3.3v & 5v rails, think that would work? There's just the stock HD and a usb 2.0 wifi adapter. I ended up putting a SuperFlower Leadex iii 550w in my build. What PSU would you recommend, is standard fit around 5.51 x 5.91 x 3.35 inches.
The odds that you really need that on the 3.3. and 5.5 rails are exceedingly low. I would just put in the CX PSU and call it a day. The 12v rail is the more important one in modern computers made in the last 10+ years.