Question Any sudden physical contact on my desk forces my computer to no longer display on my monitor and the fans blast at full speed?

Sep 14, 2020

To start this post I just wanna say that I am by no means a violent person or rage physically when say when playing video games. I built a new computer at the start of this year and noticed occasionally (once every couple of days) while playing games, particularly Call of Duty: Warzone, my computer monitor would suddenly say no signal, my PC fans would start running at max speed and the only way to stop the computer from continuing was to power it off completely and power it back on ( I could still hear audio from the game / discord or chrome). I searched up many possible fixes like the GPU thermal compound not being applied correctly from the manufacturers, but temperatures on the GPU seem to be completely fine within the range of 64 degrees - 71 degrees. I was also told it was about a motherboard issue or possibly PSU issue and with so many possibilities I decided to wait on solving the problem until I could replicate the issue effectively.

Well, today is the day I had a breakthrough. While browsing the internet on my phone at my desk, I accidentally dropped my phone and it hit the desk. The black screen, high fans issue started immediately. I thought that was particularly weird as I wasn't doing anything with my computer aside from being at the desktop screen. No applications were running in the background aside from the standard, low requirement programs (razer synapse, Nvidia settings, etc). Once I restarted my computer, I thought, "Huh, what would happen if I just slapped my desk?" Sure enough, the issue started again. I proceeded to test two more times and I can confidently say that applying any amount of unexpected force, greater than resting my palms on my desk, causes the computer to no longer display a signal and ramps up the fans. It's probably doing a lot more but those are the only clear indicators I have.

It seems like the amount of force required to cause the issue is rather low. My PC sits on the corner of my desk and hitting a spot on the opposite side (lightly) seems to still trigger the issue. At this point I have no idea what could be causing the issue at all. Is this common with a particular component that's just screwed in too tightly or not tightly enough? Or perhaps its a situation that can't be narrowed down and requires me to take apart everything and plug it all back in? I'd really like some direction or guidance here as I'm not the most technologically literate person.

Here are my system specs:

Intel Core i7-9700k @ 3.60GHz

MSI Nvidia RTX 2080 Super

Corsair RM750

Corsair H100i


I'm thinking it resembles a bad contact point somewhere. Here is some typical causes for this kind of issue:
  • Dust or some greasy substance have got stick to a contact point (e.g into PCIe slot or on the contact surface itself). Problem may solve itself by re-assembling.
  • Bad soldering spot (manufacturer problem). This issue is mostly an issue for older components and are probably not the cause here.
  • Bad soldering spot (by mechanical stress). Some of the components inside a PSU may be a little heavy, and a fall to the floor may knock one of the contact point just enough so it hasn't solid contact to the pcb board.
  • Some other contact problem for one or more power cables. May solve by disconnecting and re-connecting.