Question Any suggestion for my 1000 euro build?


I'd change several things. First, you are going to spend nearly $200 on a CPU, another $400+ on a GPU, and then cheap out on a bronze PSU? That for some reason costs $65? I know this needs a rebate, but there are better units out there than the one you chose.

I'm also not sure why you went with a 500GB SSD. I've been seeing 1TB for <$100 on sale right now everywhere. With BF/CM going on right now there should be better options than the one you picked.

I'm also not big on the Ryzen 3xxx CPUs. The only thing you really gain is PCIe 4.0 which isn't really ready yet. You are slightly better off picking an older Ryzen 2xxx CPU for less money. From a thread I was in yesterday the Ryzen 2600 is around $120 or which frees up money for a better PSU.

For $100+ I would think you could score a better board onsale. I got my new PC on prime day and was able to get an X470 for $99. I haven't been looking at sales seeing as I just built my PC a few months ago, but I would think there would be something similar going on now.