Question Any thoughts? First New system build

Oct 25, 2020
My new system - first time build
Msi gungnir 110r
Msi b450 carbon pro max
Ryzen 5 3600
Msi mag coreliquid 240r
Gigabyte 2070super (this is what I had)
32gb corsair rgb pro RAM
240gb maxtor ssd
1tb barracuda hdd
600w be quiet system 9 psu
60hz viewsonic led monitor (upgrading this asap)
Strangely- my cooler pump fans are telling me they are running at 4000rpm?!
Any thoughts?


-Not a fan of the chassis. I have concerns over its airflow.
+Motherboard is fine.
+Cpu is fine.
=Cpu cooler is ok, I guess.
+Pretty good gpu.
+32GBs of ram... ok.
=240GB SSD... I'm guessing the Seagate Maxtor Z1? It's the only match I can see for it. Hopefully it's not one of those cheap dram-less drives... if you got it for cheap, chances are it's dram-less, and I'd change this from neutral to a minus.
+1TB storage is fine.
-Can't find any reviews on this psu, but this site's psu tier list has it as a C tier... plus the fact that it's paired with a 2070 Super... eww.
=Monitor's being changed, so I won't judge this.

7 or 8/10.


I really hate these type of threads. If you ask before you buy we can point out better options and ideas. Save you money or get you better parts. By asking after all we can do it point out the flaws and make you feel bad about it. (Unless you are just here to brag about your amazing top end pc which you clearly aren't.) I can point out all the issues and give it a final score of 5, 6 tops. In my mind there is no way that's a 7. But i don't want you feeling bad about your build. Game away, enjoy. When you are ready for upgrades come back BEFORE you start buying parts. That way you get the best you can.


I really hate these type of threads.
Well, we can't stop them, so may as well feed their egos... or don't, and move on.

I actually could've given a worse score and probably should, but for some reason, I didn't want to hurt this user too badly for some reason.
-Cpu cooler is expensive for just a Ryzen 3600. It's fine, but not cost effective.
-Why B450 when B550 is out?
-32GBs of ram? This isn't just for a gaming system, I hope, otherwise that was an expensive money sink.

I'm actually with you on 5/10.
Msi gungnir 110r ------- limited airflow, all bling bling.
Msi b450 carbon pro max------ Should be a B550.
Ryzen 5 3600 ---------- Good CPU but new ones are almost here.
Msi mag coreliquid 240r -- pump built-in to radiator.
Gigabyte 2070super (this is what I had) ---- Good GPU.
32gb corsair rgb pro RAM ----- Need all that?
240gb maxtor ssd ---- Slower than m.2 NVME, which your MB supports.
1tb barracuda hdd ---- Why a HD at all? 1TB m.2 NVME. done.
600w be quiet system 9 psu ---- Budget model...meh.
60hz viewsonic led monitor (upgrading this asap)

Not bad, but you could have done better for a similar price. Next time come here first. ;)
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