Question Any tips how to configure software with graphic card?

Jul 12, 2019
I have a 2 years old gaming pc with gigabyte gtx 1050 ti in it and I was using OC guru II for the fans to run everytime after I start my pc. But yesterday the fans stopped working suddenly and when I tried to open guru, it just showed me a bunch of errors. So I downloaded the Extreme gaming gigabyte software that should be used for this graphic card and it said that I need to uninstall the guru in order to run it. So I uninstalled everything from the OC guru in multiple ways since it's such a problematic software but it still says it's somewhere in my pc.

I wouldn't mind it but when I actually opened the Extreme gaming program, It couldn't read my graphic card. Everything is gray and its not showing any information about it. So I cannot setup to run the fans anyhow.

I even tried reinstalling the guru but it didn't show any information as well. So I can't prevent overheating it now. Is there any way how to fully uninstall the guru? (I looked on a lot of tips on net and nothing worked for me) Or is there anything I'm missing so the software cannot read my graphic card?