Any Upgrades To My P3 System?


Jul 3, 2006
now i know i should have bought a new computer about 2 years ago but, i still have this one, i will probably buy a computer when vista comes out with a directx 10 video card and "conroe"

its a dell dimension 4100 that i ordered in 2001 in the past month i upgraded its video card from agpx4 nvidia tnt2 32mb to a geforce fx5500 128mb agpx4/8 (my mobo only is x4), and i put in a usb2 pci host controller since mine had 1.1...
here are its spects now...

933mhz p3
256mb 133mhz(2 x 128)(3 available slots)
12x dvd-rom drive
32x cd-rw
fx5500 128mb at agp x4
40 gb hdd (just bought a 160gb external...for 50 bucks)
4 pci cards ethernet, sound...

ya well i just wanted to know if there is anything else i could to do to this very outdated computer to make it last until january or whatever, like now i play quake 3 and other demos, lol(almost forgot, this computer is a family computer but i play games on it...and im on diaL up, 56k...)

i just wanna get the most out of this computer...

thank you for any suggestions



Jan 31, 2006
Agree, increase the RAM to at least 512MB and 1GB if you can afford it. Also would upgrade the hard drive. Have basically the same machine that I let the grandkids use when they visit. Upgraded the RAM to 512MB, if I were using it I'd go with 1GB. Also put in an 80GB, 7200, 8MB cache hdd. Could upgrade the CD RW drive. Should be able to do this for $200 or less. Personally, I wouldn't put much more than that in this machine.