Question Any way to gain more perfomance from 2070MQ


Mar 29, 2022
Hi. For a while now I've been running:
RTX 2070MQ
i7 8750H (Intel UHD 630)
2x 8GB 2667Mhz RAM
However I have noticed that performance over time has dropped off and in Task manager it records that when I start up basically any game after a bit of casual browsing goes from around 0% - 5% usage to about 80% - 100% usage consistent. My CPU however rarely peaks over 50% - 70% usage.
The strangest part I find is: (HWinfo results) when gaming:
CPU: up to 2 cores thermal throttle at about 90 degrees with the rest averaging about 80 - 70 degrees
GPU: averages at 60 degrees to 65 degrees... rarely 70 degrees
and everything about the games is consistent. no frame stutter, next to no lag, no delay, etc...
However I have been considering if it is possible to allocate more power towards my GPU (which at maximum uses 95w) would that allow my GPU to have performance gains due to more power access (whilst I do understand this would likely increase the temps my GPU runs at). Do note I have already tried altering the power once using MSI Afterburner which didn't work.
More power to the GPU means more heat to dissipate and that inside a laptop is very, very difficult to achieve, and thats probably the reason the power slider is disable in MSI Afterburner..

With MSI afterburner one could try to undervolt the GPU, in order to get more higher and stable clocks, but no clue how much more performance you can get with a laptop part.

If the system have some years, perhaps the CPU needs new thermal compound. Also about the CPU temp, is normal that some cores goes higher temp than others, because games (specially not so new ones) don't stress more than one or two cores.