Any way to get a dual Athlon XP


Aug 5, 2002
Been out of the computer loop for awhile, so forgive my ignorance. I have been doing a lot more video encoding lately, but I hate how it slows up the system so I'd like to get into a dual processor system. Is there anyway that I could replace my current motherboard with a dual cpu MB that would utilize my current Socket A Athlon XP 2500 (Barton Core)? I really don't want to upgrade to anything really new, since I don't feel the need for a lot more speed, I'd just like an extra CPU on board. If not, what are my least expensive options? Thanks.


Jun 26, 2002
IIRC, Palomino AXPs could be modded to work like Athlon MP. But I'm not sure about Bartons. Anyway, even if you can do it, this would be a waste of money. You would need a dual CPU Athlon MP mobo, which were expensive at their time and now discontinued product.

Getting a dual core system would be much better option. Pentium D 2.8 GHz is the cheapest, and will be much better than your current 2500+ for video encoding. You can buy it if you aren't really concerned about the heat and power issues (at least it shouldn't be as bad as it's versions). If you want an all-round better CPU for everything and like to have a cool and quiet system, A64 X2 3800+ is the CPU to buy.

PS: Pentium D is really not recommeded, unless you must have a dual core system at minimal cost. A64 X2 3800+ is an excellent overclocker, too.

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