[SOLVED] Any way to mount a 3.5" drive (like a floppy drive) in O11 Dynamic XL?


Feb 14, 2010
I do a lot of footage ingest from CompactFlash cards, and it's always a slow process. Up until now I've been using an external USB 3 card reader, which has been limited by the USB speed.

A company finally decided to make a faster card reader, but it's internal, it connects to the USB 3.1 Gen 2 header on the motherboard. Only problem is it's in the form factor of a 3.5" drive (like an oldschool internal 3.5" floppy drive). I'm looking for some way to mount it in my O11 Dynamic XL. Wondering if anyone has ever done a case mod that would allow this.

I'm really happy with this case otherwise and really don't want to have to switch to a different one and redo my hardline water cooling loop, nor have I even seen a case made in the last 5+ years that has support for an outside facing 3.5" drive, so another case would leave me with a similar problem anyway.

Any suggestions?

You can get a '5.25 to 3.5 bay adapter' pretty cheaply from ebay/amazon wherever and mount it like you would an optical drive or since that case has hot swappable HDD bays I guess you could put it there as well.