Any way to tell which version of BIOS a Gigabyte board ships with?


Mar 13, 2010
I convinced the higher ups at work that we needed a new computer, so I purchased a bunch of parts. I'm going to use an FX processor and the motherboard I purchased has a BIOS revision compatible with the processor I bought but the BIOS I need is not the original BIOS revision. Some are saying (in the newegg reviews section) that their board shipped with the newest FX supporting bios but not all of them have. I have an AM3 processor that is compatible with the earliest BIOS revision available for my new board just in case and I've flashed a few boards in the past so I'm not too worried about bricking anything (Plus the mobo has dualbios, I guess that is supposed to make the process fail-proof.)

Anyway, I'd rather not grease up a CPU and install it just to flash the bios if I don't need to. I know some boards, mainly ASUS (which I am more familiar with) put a sticker on the actual BIOS chip with the pre-loaded BIOS revision printed on that sticker. Does Gigabyte do something similar? Is there any way I can check without shuffling CPUs around?

If there is no way to tell has anyone had any luck flashing to a newer version of BIOS with an unsupported FX processor? I've personally never done it but I have heard you can sometimes post and flash with an unsupported processor.

I guess I'm just trying to figure out how to build this PC without swapping CPUs around a bunch of times. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them!

I would use your old cpu/heatsink and not worry about temps. Just install it without regreasing the heatsink. Flashing the board won't stress the cpu enough to raise temps past the 65c recommended limit. If you see the newest bios file on the post screen, then you can power it down and install the new fx cpu and heatsink. If your hardrive has an old windows install with amd cpu, then try booting up and see if windows will reconfigure the device drivers without a format. Sometimes it will; sometimes not, though a fresh windows install is preferred.